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Feb 28, 2011


relaxing, unwinding, taking a break
Krysten, originally uploaded by Amy Loves Yah.

At last, I have finished my last three articles and I have them published last Saturday. I am now taking my sweet time just relaxing. No more pressures for now, well that is until next time. For now, It's good to relax and have a break. Whew! For a while there, I was having a little bit of doubt as there are times I can't quite compose. I have lots of ideas floating around. I just can't seem to catch them and organize them into something that makes some sense. And add to that are those glitches on the site and everything taking longer than usual, from publishing to relocating and all. Good thing I didn't have any articles rejected. I would probably freak out if that happened.

I feel like doing what the girl in the picture is doing. Lie on my back, maybe kick my legs up hahaha! Maybe now I can get a good night's sleep. Yeah, that would be great! I'll do just that.

Feb 25, 2011

On Writing Challenges

As of this time, I have three more articles to write for Triond's February specials. I have already qualified for the minimum quota of five articles for the selected sites. But I am taking a personal challenge and see if I can write twenty, not so much as aiming for the 30% added revenue. That is an infinitesimal amount. I probably wouldn't even see a significant increase in my total earnings. This is more of stretching myself as a writer.

Honestly though, as the deadline nears, I couldn't write very lengthy articles anymore. Hahaha I have resorted to the show and tell method, that is of providing pictures and videos and telling something about it. In a way, it makes the presentation more appealing with all the visuals. But then, the content is trimmed down significantly. Sometimes, that happens. But I hope I have not sacrificed the content so much by publishing nonsensical posts. I think I did on one but the site is for fun things anyway. So I was just having fun there.

Three more to go. Will I make it? I hope so. If not, I should not be too hard on myself. After all, life is like that. We make goals and take on challenges but sometimes, there are other factors that could prevent us from reaching those goals in time. What's important is that I took the challenge and tried the best I could. It's the journey that matters...more than the destination itself

Feb 23, 2011

Pink Sunrise

I often look up in the sky just outside my office window. The sky was a girly pink early this morning as the sun was slowly rising on the horizon. I tried to take some pictures but I just couldn't quite capture the beauty that was slowly fading away. It was such a refreshing sight to behold and I paused a while to marvel in that awesome sight.

There is always something refreshing and a bit magical about a sunrise, more so if it's colored pink! I almost wondered if fairies would suddenly appear hahaha! I love watching how the day unfolds, waking up with a yawn from a deep slumber. Soon, the sunlight would be flooding the day and it's time to go with the daily grind once again...but not without having that fresh cup of coffee first. Ahhhh...that is the way to start the day.

Feb 17, 2011

Full Moon Tonight

full moon, bats
full moon and bats, originally uploaded by creepyhalloweenimages.
As I was walking home tonight, I looked up into the clear skies. There I saw the bright full moon. I had my digicam with me but I didn't take it out anymore as I know I won't be able to take a good photo. Need a DSLR for that to come up with something like that on the photo, minus the bats. I didn't see any.

Technically the full moon is still tomorrow night based on our lunar calendar. But to anyone who looks up in the sky, it sure looks like the full moon already. It was kind of a creepy feeling, walking in silence under the moonlight. Up ahead under the dark shadows of the trees, I saw an eerie orange glow of light, like something from a cigarette. I'm not one who gets scared so easily. And no I didn't feel my hair rise on ends. Besides, the tall mythical creature we know as the "kapre" or even the "tikbalang" has its cigarette high up in the trees not down below. So I proceeded walking and I had to laugh at what I saw after wards when I am near enough to the source of that orange glow. It was from a colleague about to go home also and she was texting. She was wearing dark clothes so all I saw at first was that orange glow from her phone. I told her what crossed my mind and we were laughing before we parted ways.

Feb 16, 2011

White Rose on Valentine's Day

Pretty white rose I got from my office mate who sells chocolates. I think this is a cool two-in-one gift idea.  Last year, I gave my mom three of this on valentine's day but my nephews ended up eating them instead.  This is a good idea for a home business as well.  If I have the time, this is something I'd like to do.


Feb 14, 2011

Wake Up!

I have lost my momentum in writing after this long weekend.  Now I have a lot of catching up to do!  Can I still write 15 articles by the 28th?  At the rate I'm going, I need to write 2 articles a day for the following week.  Sigh...with all those glitches happening in Triond, publishing is not that easy sometimes.  Must be the influx of all those articles.  What can we expect?  There's a Feb. Special so, a lot of articles are getting submitted by the minute or by the hour.

I have ideas...lots of it in my notebook.  I just can't get myself to write.  I need to jump start my brains somehow.  So I though of writing here, or should I say blabber once again.  Come on Brewed, you can do better than that.  I hope tomorrow, after I have good rest, I'll be able to come up with something.  But wait a minute, I just came from a long rest.  LOL!  I am doomed! 

I need to wake up and catch up with my backlogs.  Maybe I should run around for a while, or jump rope.  Better yet, hang upside down.  that should get blood flowing in my head.  Oh well, it's worth a try. 

Feb 9, 2011

My Happy Long Weekend

I don't know if I should rejoice because it is not really good for business but I am actually looking forward to my long vacation this weekend.  We don't have factory operations starting tomorrow due to delays in raw material delivery.  In effect, there will only be maintenance work tomorrow and come Friday, no more work for most of us in the manufacturing division.

I will report tomorrow to supervise some tasks but after my shift, I could actually go home to the province already.  Hmmmmm.... I'll have to pack my bags tonight to get ready for tomorrow's trip.  Excited to see my nephews again.  Miss those boys.  We'll have grand time am sure.  And I'll have sore throat again.  Boys are quite a bit to handle, specially my nephews.  There's always some sort of riot going on with those three.

My only problem would be my writing assignments in Triond.  Oh well, I'll just do the drafts in the old fashioned way.  Hahahah!  Handwritten drafts of course.  I could still submit maybe one or two before I go.  So I need some ideas, ideas and ideas.  Writing is fun and challenging.  Just glad ideas are flowing really nice.  Not yet suffering from writer's block.  I have lots of topics but as I do my researches, I end up writing another totally different one from the one I originally intended to write about.  Well it's better to be overflowing with ideas than having to bump my head against the wall trying to jump start my brain.  Hahaha my thinking cap is in the right place.  I just wish I have those electronic writing gadgets with the internet capability.  Really a writer's best friend.  Anyway, here's to my much awaited weekend getaway!


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