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Monday Music: Take On Me

Awesome guitar music by Sungha Jung

River Flows in You

Beautiful piano music by Yiruma

On Prayer

Just as we pray for others, we also need to pray for ourselves

Thumbs Up!

The body's healing mechanism

Just Some Sentimental Thoughts

Good byes are part of life.

Nov 26, 2010

Yiruma's "Maybe"

This is a very uplifting music from Yiruma.  As always, his music moves me.  I guess words are not enough to describe how wonderful it is.  You need to listen...and feel it in you.  It's like looking at a a beautiful painting and seeing more than what the eyes tell you.  So I won't say much anymore except that I am again amazed and truly inspired because this music makes me think about the beauty of life.  So, I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did.

Nov 19, 2010

Yiruma's "River Flows in You"

A fellow writer mentioned this song to me.  Thankful that he did.  If there is such a thing as falling in love with a song, then I am totally smitten.  I can't get enough of listening to this particular song that I keep playing it over and over.  Yiruma is simply awesome.  Click here to check out this musical genius.  "River Flows in You"  is also called "Bella's Lullaby" in the movie "Twilight."  That figures why I never came across this one before because I didn't watch that vampire series.  Here's Yiruma doing the original on piano.

I've been searching YouTube for different covers of this song.  I also love this guitar version done by Sungha Jung, another Korean and a musical prodigy.

Am also looking for a good harp version, but unsuccessful at the moment.  I have requested one harpist in YouTube and I'm hoping he will oblige.  Will keep you posted.  Meanwhile, just enjoy this music.

Nov 10, 2010


That's my current blood pressure.  Quite high at my age.  They are right about high blood pressure being a silent killer.  I didn't feel any different.  Or maybe, the changes may have been so subtle for me to notice.  It's a wake up call for me to once again review my lifestyle.  My biggest culprit so far, from my view, is the food I eat.  I have been keen on having fruits and veggies but I think I'm not having enough of those.  Plus the fact that I eat out several times in a week.

I took the first step today, as advised by the doctor who examined me yesterday.  So this morning, I had blood drawn from me for blood chemistry.  That's to check for FBS (fasting blood sugar), lipid (cholesterol content, I guess)  and other two tests.  I'll know the results later this afternoon.  No medications prescribed yet.  And I have no intention of having maintenance medicine so I really have to be serious about the lifestyle change I am embarking on.

My goal is to maintain my blood pressure at 110/70 mm Hg.  Tough, but knowing my risks, I have to do something or I won't reach my other be a centenarian! 

Nov 6, 2010

Goofy Me

At Tai ji class,we're all into preparations for our upcoming presentation on the 27th.  It's a yearly affair where all the martial arts students converge and perform.  The last two Thursdays, I've sort of been the center of distraction hahaha!  My partner has not been around and we're at the center of the formation.  So, to resolve the problem and since we're still learning the new moves, my partner is our Lao Shi (teacher / coach).  Indeed, sometimes I am fumbling to learn the moves and a bit of pressure in there as coach keeps correcting my moves and a lot of times, I simply goof off.  I know that because I would see my classmates either looking on quite confused or giggling.  Oh but we're all actually confused and coach says it's a good thing.  Because after all the confusion, it would become clearer.  I just hope he stops from changing moves every now and then, so we can all go to memorizing the moves already.

I'm not used to having our coach so near.  I've always been uncomfortable when he teaches us then lets us do the moves and he watches on.  I tend to make mistakes early on.  But am surprised that am not nervous at all this time.  I simply follow his lead.  I guess it's also the atmosphere of the class.  We're already like family.  And our coach is the most patient teacher I have ever encountered in my entire learning.  You will rarely or never see him get impatient. Plus the fact that he always smiles and tells us funny stories sometimes. 

So even if I am at the center and goofing off, it's a fun experience.  But still, I am nervous about the presentation itself...heaven help me...

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