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Monday Music: Take On Me

Awesome guitar music by Sungha Jung

River Flows in You

Beautiful piano music by Yiruma

On Prayer

Just as we pray for others, we also need to pray for ourselves

Thumbs Up!

The body's healing mechanism

Just Some Sentimental Thoughts

Good byes are part of life.

Jul 28, 2010

Yoga Again?

I remember I was in second year high school when we had our first yoga lessons.  First time I heard of those asanas, the different positions done, lotus, cobra, tiger-face and I don't know anymore what you call the rest.  Last night, my office mates and I tried to attend a class.  It was cheap, so what do you expect?  We gave it a try.  They seemed to enjoy it.  As for me, the workout is good with all that sweat.  Or was it just because the room wasn't airconditioned?  Problem is that with too many participants, you can't see well what the instructor was doing.  The space was not big enough for us, about fifteen plus.  Would I continue with this?  Maybe give it a few more sessions before I decide on it.  I was actually just after the gym that is still due to open up tentatively in two weeks' time.  I hope so.  Anyway, it's a far cry from my Tai ji class.  The instructor in yoga is good, but he's no expert at all, which is a good thing.  At least he wouldn't introduce us on the meditation aspects of yoga.  If that happens, am out of it....Not coming back if that happens.
Photo by lululemon athletica

Jul 23, 2010

Fit or Fat?

Am I fit or fat? That is the question I am asking myself right now.  I could pinch something around the middle so maybe I had to lose a bit there.  I am within my body mass index (BMI) but I suppose it's the fat distribution that's the problem.  I just don't know why all these fats get concentrated on where I don't want it.  Sometimes I wonder if I could will those fat molecules to migrate somewhere more appealing.  Hahaha!  Maybe my body fats behave that way to alert me that I am not being very nice to my body.  And so, I am embarking on a quest to trim down my waistline to 26 inches.  You might be wondering why not 24 inches?   I'm just being realistic and I would probably look pitiful with such a small waist. Could it be done? I'll go back to this post in a year and see.  Same day next year, my answer should be "Fit!" without batting an eyelash.  But of course all these things am saying cannot just happen by sheer willpower with no works.  Here are steps I'm planning to take on within the next 12 months:

Jul 21, 2010

Laying the First Stone

Photo by
The Welsh Poppy

I've been writing for quite sometime now.  I think I started my first blog about four years ago, but I was writing under a pseudonym.  I have decided to start a new site. Okay, okay been doing that for the nth time.  The difference now is I am using my real identity.  I don't know what powers came over me but I've decided to shed the anonymity. 

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