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Jul 21, 2010

Laying the First Stone

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The Welsh Poppy

I've been writing for quite sometime now.  I think I started my first blog about four years ago, but I was writing under a pseudonym.  I have decided to start a new site. Okay, okay been doing that for the nth time.  The difference now is I am using my real identity.  I don't know what powers came over me but I've decided to shed the anonymity. 

A fellow blogger, and an excellent writer whom I respect so much once said there is power in writing anonymously.  Since people don't know who you are, you can be anybody.  They don't know your limitations, weaknesses, and flaws so they cannot form a judgement based on your personality.  They can only criticize you with the things you write.  Writing anonymously, you don't have to be conscious of what the people who know you might think about you.

I'm still not telling what blogs I wrote for in the past.  Not that they're despicable hehehe.  Just that some articles are too personal to share it all with my friends.  But I've linked up some articles here that I wrote under one of my alter egos. 

For now I am laying the first stone and hoping to build up an edifice that would  somehow inspire or simply amuse anyone who visits here.

Welcome and happy reading.


Well, a person can change her mind....back to my good old Brewed Coffee name LOL!. The name stuck somehow. I kind of like it already, like it's part of my identity.

It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

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