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Apr 14, 2011

Mike Tompkins' One-man A Cappella

Mike Tompkins, A Capella, voice, mouth
Mike_Tompkins, originally uploaded by The Daring Librarian.
I have always admired people with great singing voices. I suppose it's my natural love for music and even if I can't sing as good as them, I know how to appreciate great talent.

However, to be able to do more than just singing all those voices is something else. I am sure most of you are familiar with those beat boxing sounds. How about the sound of guitar, piano, synthesizer, cymbal, hi-hat, and other musical instruments using your mouth and voice only? A group of people could probably do that, but what if it's just one man? Whoa!

Read full story here Dynamite and Fireworks: Mike Tompkins on One-man A Cappella


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