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Apr 25, 2011

April 25

girl, sunflower, enjoying nature
Sunflower, originally uploaded by Ramona.Forcella.

In the office and just pondering about today. This has always been a significant day for me for so many reasons. It's a day I celebrate a great friendship with my bestfriend. Too bad that BFF is away and we can't hang out together. But near or far, we are always close at heart and as we always say, we are still under the same skies, we look at the same sun, moon, and stars.

Some years ago, this date is also significant, as I remember crying my heart out to God. I was at one of my lowest points and I realize that there are times, even friends cannot comfort me. I found my peace simply by opening my heart to Him in prayer. He got me through that and I can't believe it's been eight years already. Healing very well, stronger and a better person now.

So what's with the sunflowers? It has always been a symbol of hope and happiness for me. Remember that it follows the sun? So it focuses on the light instead of the shadows. I'd like to be as cheery as the sunflower, no matter what the circumstances maybe. Rain or shine, the sun is always up there. We just have to keep the faith that it will always shine after the rain.

The sunflower also gives me many reasons to smile about. Someday, I'll tell the sunflower story.  For now, I'll just keep it to myself.


Hi, I stopped by to say thanks for following Mangia with Mario. That was special. As a fellow writer, its always great to know that there are readers out there. I too am a fellow coffee and chocolate lover. In fact I am brewing coffee as I write and can't wait to have my first cup. A belated happy Easter and Resurrection Day! I enjoyed reading how you opened your heart to God in prayer 8 years ago. I am glad you found healing. The heart is delicate and injures quite easliy in this world of relationships and people. God is a great refuge to heal in. So again, thanks. Now to coffee, later to chocolate. Keep up the writing. You are good.

It's nice to have a brethren in coffee and chocolate. LOL! Thanks for the words of encouragement Mario. Your comment just made me teary eyed as I remember what I went through. They say time heals all wounds...I beg to is God who heals all wounds. :-)

So that's the reason pala kung bakit di mo mapalit-palitan ang Triond Profile pic mo nang iba.
I also miss my BFFs... sana magkita na ulit kami...

hahay..ako gustohin ko mang palitan mukha ko..di na pwede...:)

anyways, keep smiling and keep those sunflowers radiant and beautiful..
God Bless :)

Keep your head up and always remember if you cant find the courage and the strength you can ALWAYS look to god for support, you may not beable to hear his response but he can always here your prayerss

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