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Apr 19, 2012

Of Rules, Discipline, and Doing the Right Thing

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I can't believe how much neglected this blog is.  I've been gone from here for so long that I almost forgot my sign-in details hahaha!  Anyway, I hope that I am back for good from my long hiatus.

What's up with Brewed Coffee these days?  Dealing with the real world, that's what I have been doing during the interim.  The real world of course is comprised mostly of work, work, and work.  I have learned through the years how to deal with mounds of work load.   Deadlines and truck full of tasks don't scare me out of my wits anymore.  But dealing with problematic people in the workplace is really taking a toll on my heart and emotional health.  

Discipline in the workplace is something I highly value.  It's not like I'm a drill sergeant, but I expect people to behave accordingly and follow simple company rules and guidelines.  But I can be very, very strict when it comes to safety protocols.  And so I have given a handful of people a taste of the dark, strong Brewed Coffee.  I felt like Bugs Bunny saying " I speak softly....but I carry a big stick!"  In my case, I'm more like carrying a big pot of boiling coffee.  Just humoring myself there. 

It's one thing to be disciplining people under you, but it's another thing when you find out, people from your own rank are breaking the rules.  That got me really frustrated for a time.  It got me thinking also if I am the only one trying to do the right thing.  I thought I was fighting a good battle, only to find out I had no good back-up.  That's like looking back, seeing people cheering you on but they're not making any moves.  That stopped me from my tracks.  It's definitely time to re-assess my situation.  

All in all, I have learned valuable lessons.  That's what I like about this whole experience.  It has taught me to be calm, yes to speak softly even if I am on the verge of whacking someone in the head.  Sometimes, I still wonder if that would have served the person better than my lengthy sermons.  Evil thoughts hahaha!  Scrap that out.  I've learned also, and still learning to control my emotions, being the jumpy type that I am, sometimes.  Oh alright then, most of the time I am jumpy.  But the best thing about this whole thing is, I know that I am somehow planting seeds, hopefully the good seeds of discipline.

I know myself better now, the things I am capable of doing, and recognizing that there are some things that are really out of my hands.  One thing is for sure...I will not stop doing what is right, even if no one's looking and I'm the only person left who would do the right thing.  

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