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Jul 15, 2011

Thumbs Up!

This year's first of July made quite a mark on me, literally.  It was a Friday morning, exactly two weeks ago when I was cutting papers to be used for labeling.  I was using a crude contraption of a cutter blade and a plastic ruler to make sure the cut is straight.  I cringe now as I thought of the force I was applying on the cutter to cut through the layers of paper.  The cutter went past the ruler and cut right to the thumb that was pressing down the ruler. 
My initial reaction was the realization that I did something stupid.  Seconds later, I saw blood oozing from the deep cut.  I just simply held up my thumb and walked around the office trying to find tissue paper to cover up the wound and soak up the blood that was already dripping on the floor. I thought of washing it first with running water but there's lots of blood dripping that I hurriedly went to the clinic to have it cleaned and bandaged.  It's the deepest physical wound I have had, as far as I can recall and I have not seen that much blood squirting from me.  I did not panic though.  It was just the thumb after all and not my guts spilling out.  Admittedly, a wee bit of fear came over me when I saw the nurse preparing the syringe to inject me with an anti-tetanus shot.  I was never really afraid of needles until two years ago when an inexperienced medical staff poked me four times on my arms just to get a few milliliters of blood sample.  Oh well, the nurse did a good job as you can see in the picture, my thumb, all dressed up.

A week later, the sushi cut has finally healed and I can already do away with the bandage except that sometimes I had to cover it up when I am doing some hand tasks, less I forget that the wound is not yet totally healed and could open up again if I bend it in the wrong way.  Here's the poor scarred thumb. The part above the cut was still a bit numb at that time.

I was most sure a week ago that this will leave an ugly scar.  I now had to give up my dream of becoming a nail polish model hahaha.  Just kidding.  Well, I suppose, the scar would go unnoticeable in the coming few weeks.  This is how it looks like now, two weeks after.

I marvel at the healing process of the body.  This made me appreciate more how wonderfully God created us and equipped us with this natural healing mechanism.  Where once there was a gaping wound, there's something I find truly amazing about seeing a wound that has closed up and healed.  Now, I can literally do a thumbs up!


I was uncomfortable while "listening" to your narration. And you had photo documentation of the whole thing -- minus the blood. Great job. Glad to know you're OK now. :-)

Ngayon ko lang narinig yung music mo kasi walang sound yung old computer ko. Nice choice of music. Consistent ka sis.

glad you are okay now Ate! Sarap tumambay dito sa blog mo.. sarap ng feeling dahil sa music!

Dalasan nyo pa dalaw medyo malungkot ang blog na ito hehehe....oo nga sarap mag relax with good music :-) Thanks mga sis!

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