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Why Brewed Coffee?  Besides my love for the bittersweet brew, I really don't know.  It's simply what came to mind.  I should have thought of a more realistic pen name, something that's a person's name and not a beverage...but the name already stuck.  So Brewed Coffee it is. 

I am like a Jack-of-all-trades...and cannot be considered a master of anything.  I'm more like a free spirit, taking interest in a lot of things.  I'm still in the process of finding that main thing that I would really focus all my energy on.  I've always been the late bloomer so I just take my time.

I am a technical person by profession, but I have not forgotten my love for the arts.  I guess, I am still more of an artist than a scientist by heart.  I doodle or sketch when I am in the mood.  Other times, I play the guitar and belt out a song here and there.  Mostly, I read books and online articles, and trying to write some blogs that hopefully make some sense.  In sports, I am into badminton and a bit of table tennis.   I have also learned some forms in Chen style Tai ji the past two years.  I just love the sword routine the most.  Planning to go back to running sometime in the future or maybe enroll in Wing Chun or FMA classes.

My top two vices are coffee and sleeping  :-)

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