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May 14, 2011

Just Some Sentimental Thoughts....

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I wish life were just as simple as having a nice cup of coffee on a lazy day.  And yet, even as my schedule is not that hectic and I do have time to enjoy my morning brew, it's not as calm and relaxing as it looks.  My head spins with lots of thoughts lately.  Family stuff, my own personal stuff, work and things in between.  Sometimes, I wonder if I think too much...but a better question is, am I thinking of worthy stuff?  I suppose, sometimes, I do...hehehe.  

I find my thoughts are mostly driven by my emotional responses.  Like lately, I am saddened about the prospects of losing some of my good staff.  Well, that's life.  You cannot hold them forever as they embark on a different career path, or simply a different working environment.  I have always told my staff to be honest with me, no surprises whatsoever as I don't like the kind of surprises that leave me fumbling at work. A proper turn over should be in order.  It's always my principle that you don't hold good people by the let them fly and become even better at what they choose to do. 

I probably just suck at goodbyes.  Sometimes, I hate goodbyes, because usually, I am the one left behind.  Tough luck. I've had a lot of colleagues who are good friends and who have already left the company for the proverbial "greener pastures."  I realize, it isn't so tough to see people go if you don't like those people.  But if you've grown attached to them, sometimes treating them already as second family, then somehow, it kind of rips you up somewhere inside.  Maybe it's just the sentimental person in me...but I do know how to let go whenever I have to.  

Meanwhile, sentimental as I am, I manage to stay collected and composed.  I am not the wailing kind hehehe.  I try to make the matter as light as possible.  I seldom cry in front of anyone.  I guess it's partly my pride and I have always reservations about pouring out my emotions.  There are probably only a handful of people in this whole wide world who have had the privilege or the misfortune of seeing me break down and cry on extremely rare occasions.  Outside, I am tough as nails. 

Life is indeed full of comings and goings, of hellos and goodbyes...I guess, we just have to appreciate the in-betweens while we have the chance. 


just enjoy your life.. thats die.
btw, ang ganda ng background music ng blog mo haha.


ganda naman ng blog mo, paano ba paggawa nito. Miss you sis.


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