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Monday Music: Take On Me

Awesome guitar music by Sungha Jung

River Flows in You

Beautiful piano music by Yiruma

On Prayer

Just as we pray for others, we also need to pray for ourselves

Thumbs Up!

The body's healing mechanism

Just Some Sentimental Thoughts

Good byes are part of life.

Aug 22, 2011

Hunger Management...

Human behaviour., originally uploaded by Zawezome.

I'm not really going to talk about how to end hunger in the world. Just telling here an amusing story that could have turned tragic, but I thank God that I was reminded of important lessons instead.

I've mentioned before that on weekdays, I have breakfast with my colleagues at around 9 am. It's the breakfast club, as I would call it. On ordinary days, one of us, whoever couldn't contain the pang of hunger, would call out and say the magic words: "Let's eat!" That is then followed by a frenzy of preparing the plates, spoons, forks and not to forget my cup of coffee. No breakfast is ever complete without that. This morning is a little bit different from the usual.

Aug 11, 2011

On Prayer

I have just been to the company clinic early this morning at half past 6am to have my blood pressure checked. It's been going haywire for three weeks now and I suspect, it has been like that for even longer. It shoots up to as high as 160/100, going down to only as low as 120/80. If I am probably in my 50's, I wouldn't wonder and would probably accept it as age, lifestyle and genes finally catching up on me. But I am still a long way off from that! It's too soon, even if it runs in the family. What I find harder to accept is that I have always thought I am fit.  To be proven wrong by those two numbers is something that can be really frustrating.

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