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Jan 20, 2011

Google Adsense Update: It's About Time!

Finally, I had my Google Adsense application approved just the other day, a good half a year period of waiting and frustration and going bonkers as to why I am denied several times.  That explains why you are seeing their ads on this blog now.  I have already give up on the last denial notice I got from them.  I had no plans of re-applying anymore.  Sourgraping?  Well, you could call it that.

Eerily, I got approved after I applied and has been accepted for Amazon Associates.  I got to commend Amazon for being prompt and it was a breeze!  Well, I got a little difficulty editing the HTML page but when I finally figured it out, I got it all set less than an hour.

Maybe it's just coincidence or maybe not?  I probably wouldn't know.  Well at least now, I got the best of both worlds...or so I think.I'm still getting my hands on these two advertising giants.  So let's see how everything goes.   Not much to be said at this moment as I am still learning the ropes.  I'm just happy to finally have accounts on both. 

Jan 11, 2011

Celebrating Coach's Birthday

We had a light moment last night after Tai ji class.  Wait...light moment?  As if we ever had a heavy moment.  What I meant was it was an enjoyable time with our Lao Shi (teacher / coach).  It was his birthday last Saturday and one of us thought of buying him cake and have a mini celebration.  I agreed of course, as my other classmates.  So after class, we sang him the English birthday song.  He sang the Chinese version.  What do you know, same tune!  I guess it's the universal tune after all.  The star of that mini celebration was not the celebrant, but his 7-month old son who by the way, enjoyed the cake!  He had to be pulled away from the plate, literally.  He gets giddy and excited,and we remembered we had to stop giving him cake.  You know, sugar....he might get hyper and not be able to sleep during the night.

Lao Shi said he would definitely miss us when he goes back to China.  Ahhhh we must have touched the sensitive side of him with that little gesture.  You can't help but be nice with him.  He's the best lao shi for me.  Very patient in teaching us, never too stern and he makes learning light and easy.  I look forward to more years of learning under him, and I hope he will teach us long enough for us to be really good in Tai ji.

Jan 6, 2011

Google Adsense Application

I have applied for Google Adsense a couple of times.  My first application was through Triond.  It was pending for the longest time and then I get this email telling me that my application was denied because of inappropriate content.  There's not even a hint of pornography or violence on any of my writings on that site.  I tried again, this time applying through my blogs, this one, and another one.  They email me this time, telling me my sites were under construction.  What?  Both are loading properly every time I check.  Thinking that I had too many links in my blogs, I decided to make a new one, and a very simple one, no frills whatsoever.  Still, my application was denied again due to inappropriate content.

What am I doing wrong?  I am already getting frustrated and at some point, I have already given up. I just decided to re-apply because three of my Triond friends already got approved without using other personal blogs but that of the Triond site.

I wanted to make appeals but I'm always led to this page where they mention about invalid clicks and the likes.  How could I have invalid clicks if my application was not yet approved....

Google adsense, when will you be kind to me?

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