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Jan 20, 2011

Google Adsense Update: It's About Time!

Finally, I had my Google Adsense application approved just the other day, a good half a year period of waiting and frustration and going bonkers as to why I am denied several times.  That explains why you are seeing their ads on this blog now.  I have already give up on the last denial notice I got from them.  I had no plans of re-applying anymore.  Sourgraping?  Well, you could call it that.

Eerily, I got approved after I applied and has been accepted for Amazon Associates.  I got to commend Amazon for being prompt and it was a breeze!  Well, I got a little difficulty editing the HTML page but when I finally figured it out, I got it all set less than an hour.

Maybe it's just coincidence or maybe not?  I probably wouldn't know.  Well at least now, I got the best of both worlds...or so I think.I'm still getting my hands on these two advertising giants.  So let's see how everything goes.   Not much to be said at this moment as I am still learning the ropes.  I'm just happy to finally have accounts on both. 


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