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Jan 11, 2011

Celebrating Coach's Birthday

We had a light moment last night after Tai ji class.  Wait...light moment?  As if we ever had a heavy moment.  What I meant was it was an enjoyable time with our Lao Shi (teacher / coach).  It was his birthday last Saturday and one of us thought of buying him cake and have a mini celebration.  I agreed of course, as my other classmates.  So after class, we sang him the English birthday song.  He sang the Chinese version.  What do you know, same tune!  I guess it's the universal tune after all.  The star of that mini celebration was not the celebrant, but his 7-month old son who by the way, enjoyed the cake!  He had to be pulled away from the plate, literally.  He gets giddy and excited,and we remembered we had to stop giving him cake.  You know, sugar....he might get hyper and not be able to sleep during the night.

Lao Shi said he would definitely miss us when he goes back to China.  Ahhhh we must have touched the sensitive side of him with that little gesture.  You can't help but be nice with him.  He's the best lao shi for me.  Very patient in teaching us, never too stern and he makes learning light and easy.  I look forward to more years of learning under him, and I hope he will teach us long enough for us to be really good in Tai ji.


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