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Feb 9, 2011

My Happy Long Weekend

I don't know if I should rejoice because it is not really good for business but I am actually looking forward to my long vacation this weekend.  We don't have factory operations starting tomorrow due to delays in raw material delivery.  In effect, there will only be maintenance work tomorrow and come Friday, no more work for most of us in the manufacturing division.

I will report tomorrow to supervise some tasks but after my shift, I could actually go home to the province already.  Hmmmmm.... I'll have to pack my bags tonight to get ready for tomorrow's trip.  Excited to see my nephews again.  Miss those boys.  We'll have grand time am sure.  And I'll have sore throat again.  Boys are quite a bit to handle, specially my nephews.  There's always some sort of riot going on with those three.

My only problem would be my writing assignments in Triond.  Oh well, I'll just do the drafts in the old fashioned way.  Hahahah!  Handwritten drafts of course.  I could still submit maybe one or two before I go.  So I need some ideas, ideas and ideas.  Writing is fun and challenging.  Just glad ideas are flowing really nice.  Not yet suffering from writer's block.  I have lots of topics but as I do my researches, I end up writing another totally different one from the one I originally intended to write about.  Well it's better to be overflowing with ideas than having to bump my head against the wall trying to jump start my brain.  Hahaha my thinking cap is in the right place.  I just wish I have those electronic writing gadgets with the internet capability.  Really a writer's best friend.  Anyway, here's to my much awaited weekend getaway!



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