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Feb 14, 2011

Wake Up!

I have lost my momentum in writing after this long weekend.  Now I have a lot of catching up to do!  Can I still write 15 articles by the 28th?  At the rate I'm going, I need to write 2 articles a day for the following week.  Sigh...with all those glitches happening in Triond, publishing is not that easy sometimes.  Must be the influx of all those articles.  What can we expect?  There's a Feb. Special so, a lot of articles are getting submitted by the minute or by the hour.

I have ideas...lots of it in my notebook.  I just can't get myself to write.  I need to jump start my brains somehow.  So I though of writing here, or should I say blabber once again.  Come on Brewed, you can do better than that.  I hope tomorrow, after I have good rest, I'll be able to come up with something.  But wait a minute, I just came from a long rest.  LOL!  I am doomed! 

I need to wake up and catch up with my backlogs.  Maybe I should run around for a while, or jump rope.  Better yet, hang upside down.  that should get blood flowing in my head.  Oh well, it's worth a try. 


Coffee did it LOL! No I did not drink coffee and then suddenly got an inspiration to write. I just thought about coffee. Who would have known it could stimulate even without taking it hahaha!

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