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Feb 23, 2011

Pink Sunrise

I often look up in the sky just outside my office window. The sky was a girly pink early this morning as the sun was slowly rising on the horizon. I tried to take some pictures but I just couldn't quite capture the beauty that was slowly fading away. It was such a refreshing sight to behold and I paused a while to marvel in that awesome sight.

There is always something refreshing and a bit magical about a sunrise, more so if it's colored pink! I almost wondered if fairies would suddenly appear hahaha! I love watching how the day unfolds, waking up with a yawn from a deep slumber. Soon, the sunlight would be flooding the day and it's time to go with the daily grind once again...but not without having that fresh cup of coffee first. Ahhhh...that is the way to start the day.


Once a year during Christmas, me and my wife vist a place here in Georgia called Helen. Its a German community and they offer cabins to stay for few vacation days. Its a nice place to have a vacation since its in the Appalatian mountains. Zero noice. Just birds and the mysterious whispers of the wind. Every morning, we wake up before the sunrise. With a cup of coffee in our hand on a cold morning sunrise, we watch the beautiful sky painting and just enjoy the sight.

That's a great way to enjoy the mornings. A lovely vacation :-)

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