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Feb 25, 2011

On Writing Challenges

As of this time, I have three more articles to write for Triond's February specials. I have already qualified for the minimum quota of five articles for the selected sites. But I am taking a personal challenge and see if I can write twenty, not so much as aiming for the 30% added revenue. That is an infinitesimal amount. I probably wouldn't even see a significant increase in my total earnings. This is more of stretching myself as a writer.

Honestly though, as the deadline nears, I couldn't write very lengthy articles anymore. Hahaha I have resorted to the show and tell method, that is of providing pictures and videos and telling something about it. In a way, it makes the presentation more appealing with all the visuals. But then, the content is trimmed down significantly. Sometimes, that happens. But I hope I have not sacrificed the content so much by publishing nonsensical posts. I think I did on one but the site is for fun things anyway. So I was just having fun there.

Three more to go. Will I make it? I hope so. If not, I should not be too hard on myself. After all, life is like that. We make goals and take on challenges but sometimes, there are other factors that could prevent us from reaching those goals in time. What's important is that I took the challenge and tried the best I could. It's the journey that matters...more than the destination itself


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