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Mar 7, 2011

Rainy Evening

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The sun was so hot all throughout the day. It really feels like summer days are here. I just walked around a while and I could already feel sweat breaking out. I had to go back inside the office as I could not stand for very long under the sun. My hair is dark and I could feel it absorbing all the heat and getting all warmed up instantly. I didn't feel like carrying an umbrella as I do my rounds in the manufacturing area perimeter.

Well, as expected with a very, very hot day, it's now raining heavily early in the evening. It's quite a downpour and it would really be terrible to be caught outside in the rain. I hate getting my feet soaked wet in rainwater. But with this kind of downpour, it won't be just my feet that would get soaked. I think I' ll be drenched like a rag doll. Good thing I decided to go home early. If this rain doesn't stop in the next thirty minutes, I think it will start flooding in low lying areas again. If there's one thing that's worse than getting drenched in rain is having to wade through filthy flood waters.  Ah the perks of living in the polluted city.  Hahaha!

At least, the air is cool now and the ambient temperature is now conducive for relaxing and later, sleeping. Ah yes, sleep. I have been depriving myself of that in the past few days but I'll have to make up now for lost sleep....well at least while I can.

I enjoy the rain so much when I'm just simply at home, safe and warm. Pretty soon, the pitter patter on the roof will lull me to sleep. Yawn...there it is...starting to feel sleepy now.



good thing I know how to swim, because when it rains.. well you get the pciture. Para tayong drowned rat.

Good for you. I can't swim! I'm doomed

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