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Mar 3, 2011

Lazing Around

woman, art work, relaxing
Skin testing, originally uploaded by Ramona.Forcella.

Just feeling a little tired lately. I'd like to laze around like that lady in the image...dangling arms and all. How nice to just have a break once in a while, and forget all your worries. No work, no assignments to do...just be with myself. If I can get to do that, I'd bring my trusty notebook and write down my thoughts. Would be great to have some time for reflection and a bit of recreation. It's inspiring to be just one with nature, enjoying its beauty and temporary respite from the busy city life.

For now, I think a good, quick nap will do. :-)


nap na naman brewed... ibang klase talaga tama sa iyo nang coffee...LOL

LOL! Ima am trying to limit my coffee intake.

bc, parang kelangan mo ata ng bakasyon! hehehe.. parang puro R&R ang nasa isip natin ah..

Yep! I need a change of scenery. I have been cooped up for too long in the office and at home. I miss my Taiji class too :-(

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