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Jan 9, 2012

So Where Is Matt Now?

This was shared during the church service yesterday.  How it came about in the preaching is a long story.  Hahaha!  So I'm not going to repeat the more than two hours preaching to explain how we got to this video.  I guess it has to do with doing what you love and being passionate about it.  I don't really get the whole idea of why Matt Harding is doing this, but traveling around the world is pretty cool, I think.  Just seeing all those places and interacting with different people is a very rich experience.  Suffice to say that he made me smile and I'm sure he made other people happy with his bad dancing.  Dancing is not his talent,'s something else.  I read he's making a 2011 video.  This one is his video last 2008.  I just realized that when you love what you do, it is very infectious....and happiness is a universal thing. 


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