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Nov 17, 2011

New Blogger Template...My Futile Attempts

I am finally done tearing down and reconstructing the templates of two of my blogs.  It would have been an easy thing if only I am satisfied with the default blogger templates.  Well, after a few months, I already got tired of those templates.  I love to redesign things, much like rearranging home furniture.   It's always a refreshing thing to see changes, have different perspectives.

For the past few days, I've been template hunting.  Browsing at one site with hundreds of templates is already enough to give me a big headache.  Being the stubborn girl that I am, I actually swam in a sea of templates in these sites:
I have bookmarked maybe at least ten templates from which I would only need two.  The one I'm using now for my Taiji blog is relatively simple to apply.  I just needed to rearrange the widgets and voila!  I have the clean look that I have always wanted in a blog.  I slashed out some widgets that I really don't need.  And I am fairly satisfied with how it looks.

So, the quest is half accomplished.  Last night, I finally found the one for this blog.  I was originally looking for a white background but this blog suited me well. Click on the image to see the full view.

I was so loving this, until I tested each post.  The titles were missing and in their place are the categories or labels.  I sent a message to the template host website, asking for help.  Turns out, I have to contact the designer himself.  I was thinking of doing so, but then, I decided to just hunt for another template.  Found a few more that I could use after several hours of browsing.  And just when I thought everything is all set, I decided to make a new post.  That's when the problem started...again.  The home page would not display properly, not just with one template but at least three similar ones.  I intended to contact the designer/programmer of the templates but when I visited the site, I had to abandon that route.  The site was written in the German language, I think.  And there was no button that says "in English."

Today just isn't my day, I think.  I have finally given up, out of exhaustion.  So I have to be contented with how my blog looks right now...all white except for some colored fonts and that header image.  I feel like throwing stones right now lol!


Hello there, Brewed!

The appearance is nice and neat. I like it.

You probably wouldn't want to hear how I fixed mine. I had mind-splitting migraines for days just trying to figure things out. LOL! Perhaps, soon, I may have to go through that ordeal again. I actually dread those upcoming instances that I may have to face. :)

Hi Sittie. Thanks. I finally figured why there was a problem after I posted a new one. That was the same with the previous templates I tried. I think I'm fine with this one for now...until my fingers itch again for a new template. Lol!

I agree, if you want self-induced migraine, try using templates outside of blogger...hahaha! But at least we learn something new with each attempt.

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