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Oct 1, 2011

A Chicken Has Rights...Even a Dead One

Chicken, originally uploaded by Mark Gstohl.
I think PETA would be all too pleased about that title...except of course when they get to read the whole content of this post. I hope I don't get a bashing as I am only expressing my my own blog.

I have just read the article : Is this chicken too sexy? PETA thinks so  from Shine, one of Yahoo's sites. Looking at the picture made me laugh and that was the intention of the New York Times. But PETA claims it's necrophilia.
No way could a dressed chicken look sexy to me, whatever pose you do with it. It will always look like food to me. My head is reeling with a lot of questions. I always wonder why they call it dressed chicken with all the feathers plucked out. We don't call PETA's models dressed women for that matter. Why do they have so much high respects for a dead chicken but they let very much alive women be trashed through their campaign ads? Just asking...

Forgive the sarcasm. I am just shaking my head at the absurdity of it all. Of why PETA is so bent on defending this chicken and all members of the animal kingdom, and yet they exploit the ones who should be respected first and foremost.

That's a good question...and I think the answer is obvious.

Don't get me wrong, I respect animals. And man was given the responsibility to take care of all that God has created. I just think some people may have been left hanging upside down on trees for too long, all blood going to their brains that they cannot think coherently anymore. I believe in good causes....but I also believe that the end does not justify the means.


Err, right. I don't get it too. Others just want to use the good thing as an excuse for making the bad thing look good.

I too dont get it, they are promoting the welfare of the animals yet the women are naked. I do not know if its because sex sells or its because sex or is women's lib the main point?Do I even make sense?!

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