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Sep 22, 2011

Hey There Stranger

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Number I looked on the screen, the last number called is 6076.  Still got about ten people before me.  Oh well, nothing to do but wait for my turn, so I sat on the long chair along with others.  I needed to have one of my mobile phone lines terminated.  I think I could do with just one mobile contact number now.  Call it part of simplifying my life and cutting away on expenses.
Twenty minutes of waiting, just a couple more transactions and I'm next.  Just then, someone tapped my shoulder and as I turned to look, the person mentioned my full name, in a tone that is kind of confirming if I was indeed the person she knew.  I said yes and she asked if I remember her.  I blinked just once and said her name.  Good Lord!  Thank You that you gave me an excellent memory for matching faces with names, otherwise, it would have been an embarrassing moment for me.

I know I changed a lot over the years.  I was very skinny back in high school, always sported short hair and I wasn't wearing eyeglasses then.  Now I wear my hair longer, and with a pair of eyeglasses most of the time. I have also put on some extra weight, but still within the ideal range.  I think I look geeky back in high school...maybe I still do now.  Ah yes, the dead giveaway hahaha!

It was a pleasant surprise seeing someone after a very long time.  It brings back memories of the past, my schooling days.  She asked if I have been attending the class reunions.  I told her I only attended the year after we graduated from high school and have not been back to our Alma Mater since then.  She probably never did attend any of those reunions herself.  I don't know if I'll attend any in the future.  It's not my kind of thing, I guess.  I only keep in touch with those whom I have grown close with.  I prefer smaller and intimate gatherings, not the kind where it takes a while to find a familiar face in a big crowd.  And so I find meetings like this one pleasant.  We chatted a bit before I finally said goodbye.  We'd keep in touch I'm sure...there's the ever reliable Facebook. 


That's cute! ;0

Love the new look of your blog ate.

hahaha.. well hello stranger.. kala ko long lost love mo sis..=)

nice and better looking blog..:) love the post as well...Keep it up..
maliwalas ika nga :)

I wouldn't know how I'd react if I chance upon long lost loves somewhere, Macherie. lol! Good thing they're good in being invisible

Thanks NZ and Eds...still need to do some cleaning up here...less clutter, much better. For now, the clutter is at the bottom of this blog hehehe

Akala ko din, kilig moment. Ehehe. Bumping into someone you know in the mall, or somewhere else, is always a good way to catch up. Being in a new city, that circumstance barely happens na.

Great memory you have there! I sometimes have trouble identifying people whom I just met. I know the face, I don't know the name.

Sis galing ng memory ha,lol! Honestly sis,good thing there are some terms of endearment like "dear" or "friend" kasi kun wala,nakakahiya ako,lol!

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