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Mar 30, 2011

When You Say Nothing at All

Oh I just stumbled on this in Facebook.  A friend posted this video and there I go again, playing it over and over and over.  I just love how Alison Krauss sings so effortlessly.  I didn't know she plays the violin.  Excellent!  When I go home later, I'll be playing this on my guitar for sure.  Got to print the chords! I'll have a singing spree once again.  I hope the neighbors won't mind my mini concert hahaha!


Alison is probably tired from singing but I just can't help myself, I keep hitting the replay button :-)

HAHAHA. She must be tired Ate! :)

Oh, by the way.. I love your blog.. I can't leave because the sweet music background is calling my attention! :)

Thanks Edss :-) Yan ang pampatulog ko pag nap time dito sa office hehehehe

alison really rocks... she's definitely one of my favorite female artists...:)

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