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Mar 28, 2011

Ouchy Ouch!

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I was preparing to go to church yesterday when I felt this slight pain in my tummy. I thought it was nothing but the pain keeps getting more intense every time. It's like being jabbed in the stomach. Glad that the pain is not a continuous one as I would probably pass out. But it did leave me unable to do much except to lie down and let the pain subside. I could not take any pain medication as I have not had breakfast yet. And taking anything would have been futile at that time because I felt like I would just throw it up anyway. So there I was at 9:30 am, trying to nurse myself by trying to sleep. It wasn't easy doing so in the first few hours but either I passed out or just fell asleep finally. I woke up four hours later, feeling refreshed...revived.

Before I closed my eyes, I was thinking what if I needed to be hospitalized? How in the world would I go? I am all alone, can't possibly call my mom who lives miles away. I was too weak to even call for help. In those situations, I suppose the only thing for me to do is pray and hope the pain will pass. It's not a life threatening situation, I suppose but it sure would have been better if I had someone with me that time. But then again, I did have the best One with me that time...the best healer there is.

I was able to go to church later in the afternoon, after I had my very very late breakfast and lunch at 2:30 pm. No more tummy aches.



bat nasira mukha ng babay? kinurot mo ba yan?

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