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Mar 17, 2011

Thoughts on the Recent Tsunami in Japan

The recent tsunami in Japan made me remember the terrible flood brought about by typhoon Ondoy more than a year ago.  It was a Saturday and rains started coming in before noon.  We waited out hoping the emerging flood would subside but come late afternoon, the flood was still not subsiding.  I was able to go home the following day already and what a terrible time for those living in low lying areas.  I live on the upper floors so no problem with my things.  But those in the lower floors, you could see the anguish and frustration at losing their valuables.  But this experience pales a hundred times over to the tsunamis that hit Southeast Asia in 2004 and just recently, that of Japan.

I don't know how to swim so naturally, I get the jitters when I see plenty of water creeping in at a fast pace.  I wonder how I'd feel if the tsunami hits us instead of Japan.  A country that is so well-equipped is still no match for the fury of nature.  What more for us who are still backwards in terms of infrastructure?  I asked myself if I was ready....not to swim as there is no escaping that...but ready to die. 

I also remember that scene in the movie "Deep Impact."  Father and daughter just went out on the beach, hugged each other and braced themselves as the massive waves struck.  Could I have that sense of calm, that even if the waves engulf me, I will not go scurrying, running, screaming?  These are the questions that go in my mind.

I feel for the Japanese people.  Their anguish I cannot fathom as they try to get on their feet and look around after the devastation.  I could gawk over and over at the videos showing the raging waters and cars and houses being swept away, but the shock is nothing compared to actually being there and seeing things and experiencing the calamity first hand.  It must be surreal as it feels like something from a movie scene, only that you are one of the actors.  As the waves come in, there is also a tremendous wave of panic inside.  I'm sure that is what I would probably feel at first.  After that, I don't know anymore. 

Here is clip of the devastating tsunami in  Japan almost a week ago (March 11).  Question is, are we ready to face such dangers if ever?  But if we have God in us, we can even welcome the waves with open arms.  I suppose, that is the safest place I could think of, to be in His arms.


It is very unfortunate what happened to Japan. It is very devastating and sad. We all must learn from this. How the Japanese acted, helped one another, as well as preparing ourselves for natural disasters.

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